Our skilled artists are students and local to Sydney. They want to be a vital part of the art industry and public life.

White Apple gives you the new flock of talent, and their wonderful work. 




Rebekah Beja

Rebekah has completed a diploma in Visual Arts and now is currently completing her degree at the National Art School majoring in painting. She loves to use inks and oil paints, creating works that are slowly built up in time. One of her favourite themes is magical realism.




Bella Hughes 

Bella Hughes is an artist originally from Perth W.A. Bella is a graduate of the National Art school. Bella loves to paint islands, beaches and tropical themes using oils or acrylic. 




Zipporah Shaw 

Zipporah Shaw loves painting with acrylic and is particularly interested in realism art adding a touch her own style. Her skills bring out realistic and colourful images of the local landscape. She is also the Creative Director for Shaw Photography.




Alexander Smith

Alex is a graduate of the National Art School,  and enjoys painting landscapes and abstractions.

He likes print making, oil painting and creating figurines.



Sheena Studenovic Redmond

Sheena is a graduate of the Nationsl Art School. In her spare time she loves to paint oil landscapes and draws wit fine liners.

She loves to make fine and free flowing ink drawings, paint landscapes, psychedelic pieces and photograph nature as well.